Best Cheap Cross Trainer – Reviews Of 2017 – 2018

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JTX SmartStride Pro21 Workout Programs – 18kg Flywheel – 16 Level Resistance – 18″ – 22″ Stride – 5 User Profiles – 2 Year WarrantyHigh-End SHOP NOW!

JTX Hill-Stride X721 Workout Programs – 12.5kg Flywheel – 16 Level Resistance – 16″ Stride – 4 User Profiles 2 Year WarrantyMid-Range SHOP NOW!

York Active 12018 Workout Programs – 7kg Flywheel – 16 Level Resistance – 12″ StrideAffordable SHOP NOW!

Top 3 Cheapest Cross Trainers (which are still of decent quality)

Keeping fit isn’t just an activity you do in the summer to show your body off. In fact the progress and change in the body as a result of the work outs you routinely do in the summer will not show until autumn.

Working out, as you are likely aware, takes time and isn’t an overnight process. As well as pushing ourselves on the physical activity, we also need to control our diet and sleep. All this plays a critical role in keeping fit.

Working hard through the colder seasons would then have you body in good shape for the warmer days.

Going outside for a run is a good option and one that I condone, but this is only enjoyable when the days are longer, warmer and more inviting. Going for a run in the winter can be a drag and demotivating. Also if you have joint problems already, then running may not be a good idea in any case.

Having a cross trainer in your home ensures that you have no excuse not to work out. You don’t have to be mindful of the weather outside, nor do you need to worry about joint problems because cross training is a low impact workout. Despite this, you do still get a satisfying and strenuous workout.

Cross trainers do not need to be an expensive exercise equipment to buy. You can buy cross trainers for around £150 if you desire, however, do note that these will not be decent quality machines.

One of the questions I get asked frequently is what is the cheapest yet best cross trainer I can buy for my money. For them, I have put this article together showcasing cheap cross trainers.

JTX Strider-X7 Review – Number 1

JTX Strider-X7The Strider X7 made by German manufacturer JTX. The Strider X7 is one of JTX’s lower priced models which has a decent set of features, however, it is at a lower price point than its other cross trainers. While being at the lower price point, The Strider X7 still carries the high quality German craftsmanship (learn more here!).

Here are some of the features which has made The Strider X7 our number 1 cheap cross trainer;

  • A decent 16″ stride which accommodates taller and shorter users comfortably
  • 12.5kg fly wheel making the movement smooth and fluid which is quiet
  • 21 Programmed workouts including fat burning, heart rate control, interval and hill
  • Fully powered console so you can change the intensity and the workout program at the touch of a button while working out
  • 16 levels of magnetic resistance to give you plenty of variety when working out
  • Integrated pulse receiver to give you instant feed back on your heart rate making sure you dont drop too low or are dangerously high – perfect for HIIT (high intensity interval training) and LISS (low intensity steady state) workouts
  • Programmable console, taylor your exercise programs and The Strider X7 will save it right on the console for you
  • Body fat monitor to push you and keep you motivated
  • Durable build quality with some great features
  • Colour display consoler giving you real time data on calories, time, distance, watts, body fat levels, heart rate and more
  • 2 Year in home warranty covering parts and labour for a piece of mind


There is no doubt about it, as far as affordable cross trainers go, The Strider X7 is the best. While it is a little more expensive than the others reviewed here, the build quality and features are absolutely worth the price.

When working out on it; you feel the durability of it, it is smooth and very effective.

All this along with the 2 year in home warranty, you cannot go wrong for the money.


Reebok ZR8 Review – Number 2

Reebok are no strangers to sports equipment and with The ZR8 further goes to prove this. It is at an affordable price range yet has some very good features;

  • 15″ stride length which is good for taller and shorter users without being too uncomfortable
  • A decent 9kg flywheel to keep the motion fluid and smooth
  • Sleek, colour LCD display console to allow you instant access to all features as well as feedback on speed, time, distance, calories, pulse, RPM and wattage
  • Hand pulse measurement to give you real time data on your heart rate
  • 19 Programs in total. 12 Preset exercise programs as well as 7 individual user defined programs so you can set, challenge and compete with yourself
  • Set the resistance right on your console as you are working out


At a lower price point The ZR8 is still a very good cross trainer. It has a decent length stride, a moderately heavy flywheel and a good looking display giving you real time feedback on all of the essential data. This along with its 19 programmed exercises makes it a good value cross trainer for the price it comes in at.



Home Luxury CT300 Review – Number 3

The CT300 made by Home Luxury is the number 3 cross trainer in the line up. While it is at the learn more here! point, it still has a good set of features and overall a reliable cross trainer. Here are some of its features;

  • 5.5kg flywheel which is a decent weight, any less then I would say don’t bother
  • 8 Resistance levels which would ultimately require you to stop your workout as they are manually adjustable – not the best option if you plan on doing HIIT
  • Heart rate sensors so you can monitor your heart rate as you work out
  • Display console giving you data on the essentials like calories, body fat, time, speed, distance and pulse recovery


The CT300 is a decent and affordable cross trainer, while it has some drawbacks like no preset exercises or electronic adjustable resistance, it still is a well built machine. If feels sturdy when in use and that is important.

For the casual people who are looking to workout a few times a week at max, this would be a good cost effective option. If, however, you are serious about working out and getting in shape and are considering a cross trainer to use on an ongoing basis, then I would suggest looking at some of the other options.

This guide on best cross trainer for home use has some good options for you to choose from.




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