Best Cross Trainer For Home Use – Reviews 2017 – 2018

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JTX SmartStride Pro 21 Workout Programs – 18kg Flywheel – 16 Level Resistance – 18″ – 22″ Stride – 5 User Profiles – 2 Year Warranty High-End

JTX Hill-Stride X7 21 Workout Programs – 12.5kg Flywheel – 16 Level Resistance – 16″ Stride – 4 User Profiles 2 Year Warranty Mid-Range

York Active 120 18 Workout Programs – 7kg Flywheel – 16 Level Resistance – 12″ Stride Affordable

The Best Home Cross Trainers

Having the convenience of a cross trainer at home definitely has its perks. I personally love watching TV while doing some low intensity cardio – there’s nothing quite like it! Also working out in a low intensity state has great benefits with regards to fat loss, watching TV while working doesn’t feel like you are working, yet the time passes quickly, you have just burned a number of calories and you feel great with the amount of endorphins released to your brain. It is a win – win situation.

Being a low impact exercise equipment means that you are giving your joints a break while getting in a good physical workout which is another benefit, especially to those who are prone to knee or back problems.

The most suited cross trainer for your home will be something that doesn’t have a very large foot print. It should be easy and manageable enough to assemble. Ideally it should be a very easy machine to use, and all of the controls should be centrally located in the console. You also want to be able to adjust the resistance of the cross trainer on the console rather than having to get off it between your workouts – of course this means you would start to cool down – which you definitely don’t want to do!

Below are the three best cross trainers for home use, as rated by customers on Amazon and reviewed by me.

The Best Elliptical X-Trainer For The Home Is….   The JTX Hill Stride Pro

Best Home Cross TrainerOne of the best manufacturers in home fitness equipment, JTX bring us The Smart Stride Pro (learn more here!). The Smart Stride Pro is a very high quality cross trainer built to a high commercial-level, while keeping the price point affordable, the footprint small enough for the home and more features than you would find in gym cross trainers (learn more here!).

It has an adjustable 18″-22″ stride length, so tall as well as the not-so-tall people can get a good workout from it, and it has an additional benefit of the adjustable foot plate. This lengths of stride are very good and will benefit those with a mixture of heights by giving a fluid and effective workout which will not feel uncomfortable in the least.

With its incline feature, you are able to target specific areas of your body to sculpting. You can tone up your thighs, firm up your glutes as well as chiselling your stomach/abs. This is a great added benefit to your usual cardio workout when you are struggling to shift the fat in that area. This is why I have picked The Smart Stride Pro as the number 1 in my choice of top 3 elliptical cross trainers in the UK. Here are some more features and benefits of The Smart Stride Pro;

  • The 12 workout programs will keep you (literally) on your toes, we have enough variation here so as not to bore us. This includes hill intervals, cardio, toning specific, stubborn areas and fat burning – which will shred you down to a body you are happy with. This will take discipline from yourself!Home Cross Trainers
  • 18″-22″ stride which is a very nice length, with the larger foot pedals, perfect for the whole family. Shorter and tall people can workout comfortably. The adjustable stride length is a very good feature
  • 18kg flywheel to ensure you get a very smooth movement when working out to avoid any impact on your joints
  • There is a heart rate feature which will calculate your heart rate using the hand grips as well as the chest strap (provided). This is perfect if you are doing a HIIT (high intensity interval training) or LISS (low intensity steady state) to make sure your heart rate is within the specific BPM (beats per minute).
  • 5 personalised workout programs available which you can personalise to yourself, your endurance level and fitness state. If there are other people in the house who would also use The Smart Stride Pro, they can set their profiles so it becomes very individual rather than a “one size fits all”.
  • Onboard computer display will keep you informed of your performance. Monitor your calories burnt, distance covered, RPM, there is a BMI calculator, a body fat monitor all the features you need to keep you motivated to work that much harder!
  • The computer also lets you easily adjust the resistance levels as well as exercise program at your fingertips
  • iPod compatibility so you can connect your iPod, play your favourite cardio songs on the build-in speakers and work away!
  • Best Home Cross TrainersWhen buying through Amazon, you will get free delivery with two men who will deliver to any room (including up the stairs) in your home – as long as you live in England or Wales.
  • 2 year in-hoe repair warranty for your piece of mind.
  • Chest strap included.


The Smart Stride Pro by JTX is a very good cross trainer, you get very good value for money. It is a machine that is built to last, the features it gives you are great and perfect for anyone looking to shape up. It has a pulse monitor on the hand grips which will give you accurate readings of your BPM, it has iPod compatibility and individual profiles for the 5 members of your household along with an adjustable stride length. A robust patented German design which makes the Smart Stride Pro a heavy duty, commercial quality cross trainer in a compact size for the home. This along with the JTX customer service, you really cannot go wrong. Check out some of the customer reviews on Amazon.


Number 2 – JTX Strider X7

Best Cross Trainer For Home UseAnother very good cross trainer from JTX, The X7 is packed full of great features but at the same time it also keeps the price point down. An affordable cross trainer with a very high quality build, made by a very reputable company with great customer service. Here are some of the features for the X7;

  • 21 workout programs including heart rate control, interval training and fat burning mode.
  • 12.5kg flywheel for a quiet and smooth workout
  • 16 levels of magnetic resistance levels which give you the ultimate control in adjusting your workouts to suit your individual needs
  • 4 User programmable profiles which means 4 people in your house can have their own profiles set to their level of fitness, resistance levels and goals
  • Colour display panel showing the speed, calories, time, distance, watts and tracks your workout progress – so you have all the feedback you need to keep you Best Cross Trainer For Homemotivated and working away!
  • A decent and midrange 16″ stride length
  • When buying through Amazon, you will get free delivery with two men who will deliver to any room (including up the stairs) in your home – as long as you live in England or Wales.
  • 2 year in-home repair warranty for your piece of mind.


A very good quality cross trainer. While it doesn’t have as many “bells and whistles” as the Hill Stride Pro, it does come with a more favourable price tag. An affordable cross trainer made of a very high build quality and by a reputable manufacturer. The JTX customer service is another good reason to consider the Strider X7.



Number 3 -York Active 120

Best Elliptical Trainers For The HomeYork are known for their fitness home equipment for over 80 years. They are a reliable and reputable company when it comes to manufacturing strong and good quality gym equipment. The Active 120 cross trainer is no exception in this area.

The Active 120 is full of great, useful features that will be used regularly and comes at a decent price point. It is also worth a mention that the Active 120 is aimed at and is perfect for slightly shorter users. I would say anyone under 5’8″ would be ideal. Here are some of the noteworthy features;

  • Non-slip pedals which are also adjustable to fit your foot size give you a snug and comfortable workout while feeling safe enough that your feet will not slip
  • Quiet when being used – you won’t disturb anyone else in the house and you can watch TV whilst working out without having to turn the volume very Home Elliptical Trainersloud
  • 16 magnetic resistance levels which you can control on the LCD screen display, to control the workout intensity – turn the intensity down if you are doing low intensity and up when working the high intensity!
  • 12″ stride length so its perfect for shorter users, if you are taller than around 5’8″, then it may be an idea to look at The JTX Hill Stride Incline above.
  • Hand pulse sensors to give you real time feedback on your heart rate – again it is a function that you need when you are doing any sort of workout program, to not let your heart beat rise or fall below a certain point
  • LCD display screen to give you constant feedback on your calories, pulse, body fat levels and to increase/decrease intensity while working out
  • The 7kg flywheel will give you a smooth, flowing workout
  • Bottle holder because it is important to keep hydrated while working out
  • When buying through Amazon, you will get free delivery with two men who will deliver to any room (including up the stairs) in your home – as long as you live in England or Wales.


A good cross trainer built to a high standard. It is quiet and it has a lot of useful features and benefits which include 16 resistance levels and hand pulse sensors among others. If you do have taller people in the house who will also be using it, it might be an idea to look at something with a longer (than 12″) stride as this may not be the most comfortable solution for them.



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