Build Up Your Stamina For A Cross Trainer!

Tips to Build Up Your Stamina for an Effective Cross Trainer Workout

Cross trainer is a low impact exercise that has lot of benefits. However, no matter how much you want to stay on the machine, you end up feeling tired within the first few minutes. Most people think that they are not meant to workout on a cross trainer and that it is not their forte. However, did you know that slowly and steadily you can build your endurance to not only stay through the workout but enjoy it too?

Home Cross TrainersUnlike running on a treadmill, cross trainer requires you to stay focused on the exercise, especially if you want to reap the benefits. Since you have to put in more physical effort using a cross trainer, it is important to boost your stamina so that you can keep up the effort. One of the best ways to keep yourself focused is by making your workout fun and varied. You not only include variety in your exercise but also introduce intensity that is necessary to use different muscles in your body.

Here are some ways to work up that stamina so that you can stay on your cross trainer longer.

Integrate some intervals in your training

The best way to boost your cardiovascular strength is by incorporating some interval training in your routine. Interval training is to have longer phases of recovery and short, high intensity bouts of speed in your workout. You must repeat the cycle for as long as you comfortably can. Your fitness is based on your recovery speed and training your body to recover quickly amid rotation of exercises will help you boost your fitness levels.

When you are on a cross trainer, you can add intervals to your workout by pedalling faster for about 30 seconds in the beginning and rest for about 1 minute. Repeat this cycle for at least 7-8 times. You can gradually increase the speed and time as you become fitter. Remember to warm up for 5-minutes before you start the interval training. As your stamina increases, you can increase the intensity and time on fast pedalling and spend lesser time on resting. Interval training, when done regularly, can also improve your metabolism that can also help burn more calories.

Work on your core

The importance of strengthening your core has often been neglected by many people. It is important to work this muscle group to improve your stability and posture. Core muscles include lower back, abdominals, thoracic and cervical. When you work these muscles, you get a leaner body with a slim waistline. This also reduces instances of lower back pain.

It has often been though that core means ab crunches and longer planks. However, effective cross trainer workout can also help in strengthening your core. If you want to put more effort on your core muscles, then drop the handles and use your abdominal and core muscles to balance you on the machine. Doing this regularly, in addition to interval training will give you a leaner and stronger body, important elements of improved stamina.

Do the backward action

Who would have thought that a cross trainer is capable of working your entire body? Stamina is not just about quick recovery period. It is also about strong muscles, improved balance, agility and overall fitness. Pedalling backwards uses different muscles for the backward action. It works your thighs and legs in equal measure. If you want to feel the real burn in your thighs, let go of the handles and use your thigh muscles to balance and perform the backward pedalling action. Repeat some of these in the middle of each cross trainer workout and notice the difference in your butt and legs.

Tone your upper body

When you want to focus the attention on your shoulders, back, arms and chest, just hold on to the handle bars and stop using your legs for pedalling. Use your arms to push and pull at the machine. Always remember that the posture can make or break the effectiveness of your exercise, so keep your back straight the entire time. To increase the intensity, you can drop the resistance and make the workout more challenging for your upper body. Integrate two or three intervals of upper body workout on your cross trainer for best and uniform results.

Burn more calories by increasing the resistance

The best way to increase stamina is by increasing intensity from time to time. This will train your body to work harder and reach different level of recovery. At the same time, by increasing the intensity, you can also tone your upper and lower body. The higher the resistance, the harder your body will work.

Cross trainer can give you a full body workout and also work up your stamina if you know how to use the machine to its full potential. So use these tips and toggle between treadmill and a cross trainer from time to time to give you a well rounded workout.

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