Kettler Premium Elliptical Cross P Trainer Review

Kettler Premium Cross TrainerStaying in shape and keeping fit is becoming increasingly difficult for many of us who are too busy to go to the gym or simply too tired to exercise after a long day at work (learn more here!).

Nothing beats cardio vascular exercise for improving fitness and boosting weight loss and the Kettler offers an all over, full body workout in the comfort of your own home. Investing in one saves you from monthly gym fees and because you only need the one machine (as opposed to building an entire home gym with a rowing machine, exercise bike and a treadmill) a good cross trainer is a great way to save space especially if you live in a smaller house or apartment.

Some features of the Kettler Premium Cross Trainer:

  • Full body cardiovascular workout is undisputedly the best way to improve fitness quickly.
  • Lose weight with regular usage or keep the weight off and tone up if you are already in good shape.
  • Eye catching design will garner many admiring glances from visitors, it looks as good as any cross trainer you would find in a real gym.
  • Comes with sixteen levels of resistance so you can start off easily with minimal resistance and then increase it as your fitness and strength improve.
  • Has 14kg ‘flywheel’ which offers a smooth workout with no wobbling around.
  • There are no fewer than twelve built in training programmes designed to test your mettle and offer variation of intensity.
  • LCD electronic control screen allows you to monitor your heart rate, number of calories burned and time spent exercising.
  • Can be set up on uneven surfaces with its adjustable levellers on the back feet.Kettler Premium Cross Trainer review
  • Target your arms or legs or have an all over workout at the same time.
  • Build stamina and increase muscle strength.
  • Comes complete with full, easy to read assembly instructions.
  • Get fit in the comfort of your own home while watching Eastenders!

The Kettler Premium is a well-built machine with lots of useful features and is as good a quality as any you would find in a real gym. In order to get the full benefit from cross training you should aim to use it regularly and with varying, ever increasing intensity. Most professionals suggest that you should aim for 75 minutes of high intensity exercise per week – with the Kettler this is very easy to achieve.

Whatever your goal might be whether it is to tone up, get fit or lose weight, this is one of the best cross training machines in its price range. You can exercise in front of the TV or with your favourite workout music playing in the background come wind, rain or shine at any time of day. Physical fitness is undoubtedly the key to improving your health so you can consider the Kettler Premium Cross Trainer to be a real investment in yourself.