Life Fitness X1 Cross Trainer With Go Console

X1 Elliptical Cross-TrainerCross training enables you to exercise every part of your body all at once or if you prefer, you can focus your efforts on just your legs or upper body. The Life Fitness X1 Cross Trainer with Go console is quite simply a top of the range piece of fitness equipment. This well-made, heavy duty steel, ergonomically designed machine offers you a full and complete all over body workout. It has everything you could possibly require from a cross training machine (learn more here!).

When you are short on free time due to work and other commitments it can sometimes be difficult to find as much time to exercise as we might like. With this premium piece of equipment in your home there are simply no excuses, but cross training doesn’t have to be a chore because you can always vary your workouts. One day you might like to just focus on your arms in which case you can let them do all the work, alternately pushing and pulling the vertical handle bars while you rest your legs, or you can rest your arms completely with the handlebar assist and exercise your legs.

  • Track your performance with brilliant ‘Go’ console, measuring calories burned, distance covered, time spent and all your other stats.
  • Wireless heart rate chest strap included so you can keep track of your intensity with the Track Plus console.
  • Stationary front ‘ErgoGrip’ handlebars if you want to focus on your legs and lower body
  • Link6T drive system makes sure every stride is almost silent so you won’t be disturbing your family or neighbours whilLife-Fitness-X1-Cross-Trainer-Track-Console-Consolee exercising.
  • Easy to use electronic console interface is powered by you as you burn off the calories
  • Large stride length of twenty inches means this cross trainer can be used by taller people, some cross trainers with shorter stride lengths are hard to use if you have long legs.
  • Durable well-built machine, you can just feel that this cross trainer is built to last and is suitable for daily use.
  • Assembly is straightforward and full instructions are included but you will need some basic tools such as spanner or socket set to hand.
  • Fluid gliding, striding motion – get fit without injuring yourself

The X1 Elliptical trainer is one of the best examples of a home cross trainer that you will be able to find. Although it’s not foldable, the X1 looks so good it will take pride of place wherever you decide to keep it be that your home gym or your spare bedroom. Suitable for athletes to keep trim or if you just want to lose some weight, you can’t go too far wrong with a cross trainer like this, toning up and clocking up the kilometres is a breeze. Exercising in the comfort of your own home gives you more time to do other things too and because this machine exercises your whole body you can cancel that expensive gym membership and save the pennies as you lose the pounds of weight.

Try to use it for a minimum of 30 minutes three times a week and vary the intensity of your workouts by making use of the 13 built in workout programmes for the best chance of success.