ProForm 900ZLE Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

ProForm 900ZLE Cross TrainerIn our busy work-a-day lives, it can often seem impossible to put enough time aside to exercise as much as we might want, and with costly gym memberships sometimes going to waste, it makes good sense to invest in a top of the line cross trainer which is built to last, like the ProForm 900ZLE (learn more here!).

Most of us would agree that cardio vascular exercise is the key to weight loss and improving physical fitness and well-being, so a machine that exercises the whole body at the same time like this cross trainer is the perfect solution.

The ProForm 900ZLE is one of best performing models of cross trainer in its price range and is easily comparable if not superior to many cross trainers that you might find at your local gym.  It provides you with a full body workout or you can just target your arms or legs if you want to focus on one area specifically. Cross trainers exercise your legs in a kind of cycling motion while you alternately push and pull the vertical handlebars effectively working out almost every muscle in your body.

Some of the features of the ProForm 900ZLE include:

  • Eye catching design that’s horizontally foldable when not in use, saving space
  • All over body workout, nothing beats a cross trainer for weight loss.
  • Works with smooth, silent magnetic resistance over varying levels of resistance.
  • Comes with built-in iPod audio connector and is iFit compatible.
  • Large, light up digital display screen tracks distance covered, time taken and calories burnedProForm 900ZLE Cross Trainer review
  • Touch pad is easy to operate so you can adjust resistance as and when you feel like it or use one of the many pre-programmed workouts for a bit of variety.
  • Handy water bottle holder so it’s easier to stay hydrated.
  • 17 inch (45cm) stride length suitable for all users including taller people.
  • Intermix acoustics 2.0 sound
  • Simple to put together, ‘snap assembly’ system.
  • Easy grip handle bars and non-slip pedals.
  • Work out like a champion in the comfort of your own home whatever the weather.

Cardio vascular exercise is, undoubtedly, the way forward both for weight loss and toning up but it can be boring sometimes, especially when doing longer, less intensive workouts. The Proform 900ZLE is full of up to date features and with eighteen work out programs to choose from, this machine will keep your interest as your fitness levels increase. It is recommended that you exercise at a high level for 75-90 minutes per week where possible and so with this cross trainer in your home there are no excuses; morning, noon or night or whenever it’s convenient for you. it You might like to cross train before going to work, giving you a welcome endorphin boost while your colleagues are still rubbing sleep from their eyes.

The Proform 900ZLE is a truly professional level piece of equipment and whether your goal is to lose weight or just tone up you can’t go off target with this and because it’s foldable, it doesn’t take up too much space.